How to find Peace and Fulfillment during Coronavirus Times – 5 tips for Empaths, Creatives and HSP

Is it even possible?

Can we feel good and hopeful when everything seems collapsing?

When there’s so much fear and panic out there?

Yet here you are, my fellow sensitive, empath, introvert, intuitive…

Take a deep breath.

Notice your body, your surroundings.

Be here, now.

I invite you to feel the following invitations I’m called to share with you.

Slow down

Our culture is so used to run.

It’s so used to be fast, active, focused, determined, “male”.

Achieve, achieve, earn, earn, deserve, deserve…

Now is a return of the feminine, of the nurturing and kind.

Of embracing and accepting everyone as it is.

A way of counteracting the collective anxiety, stress and fear, is coming back to your center, your point of Power, your inner self and inner worlds.

This can manifest in different ways: meditation, breathing, watching a movie, listening to some uplifting music, daydreaming, or simply by “doing nothing”.

Do not feel guilty of slowing down and taking your time. It’s ok. These times are unprecedented, and we all are under a big overhaul, in all dimensions. I know it can be especially difficult if you are an empath or HSP, but rest assured you already have EVERYTHING you need to cope and flourish through this.

Cultivate moments of silence and contemplation, as they help settle down and ground the erratic energy you could have picked up from others. And the erratic, anxious energy coming from your own restless thoughts and emotions.

Tending to yourself and taking good care of you, is actually the biggest act of love you can do for the world. Being in Alignment with your truth, your beautiful multidimensional soul raises EVERYONE around you.

Be creative

Aligned with Nature, awakened humans are attuned of the rythms of Life, cosmos, our own species.

And our very nature is CREATIVITY.

Bringing forth change.

Self-actualizing ourselves by transforming the world around us.

You are Energy, and energy needs to change, flow, transform. Keeping yourself creative alleviates anxiety, stress, uncertainty and boredom. Follow your artistic impulses—or any kind of impulses fueled by love and curiosity!!— Excersise your body, try some yoga, dancing, intutive movement. Exercise your mind and read or watch some helpful content, learn that skill you’ve always wanted to learn! Unapologetically communicate what’s true and valuable to you, and watch how your soul tribe finds you!!

Exercise your emotions and, this takes us to the next tip…

This pandemic has brought to the surface all the disconnection existing within ourselves (our lights and shadows, emotions, sub-personalities and unique traits), with others, and our precious Nature.

I know this situation can be a big blow to your sense of Self, safety and security, especially if you have been experiencing emotional and mental issues, so this is a perfect time to call upon your Higher Self/Universe …any “higher power”, to help you and guide you with utmost love.

You are not meant to do this “alone”.

In fact, is a big damaging lie to think you are “alone”.

You have such a great circle of support, maybe not Physically, but astrally, you have plenty of guides and spiritual beings waiting for you to call them!!

Embrace these weeks and months of “retirement”, as a time to foster love and friendship, on their most essential level. Rekindle both present and old healthy relationships, reach out to those people that care for you, I’m sure you’ll make their day!!

Don’t forget to ask and offer your help, let your heart guide you where you are needed.

Make time to tune into yourself every day, bring some love and Presence to your little tasks and activities. This is part of self-love. This is part of integrating the many facets of your personality.

And last but not least, I invite you to to bring some awareness to your relationship with the planet, our fellow sentient animals, plants, nature. See where you can bring more life, compassion and relief.

Express gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force that fills us with joy—even bliss—, and attracts more of anything that we focus on.

Sometimes we take for granted the food we eat everyday, the place we live in, the clean water and electricity we have access to…when in fact, these are the building blocks of our life in the Physical Plane.

Be thankful for who you are at this moment, your little and big successes and breakthroughs, for everything you have, the people in your life, for something that made you happy today, a kind action you were part of, and for the heroic people working tirelessly for our health and wellness.

Know that you are showering yourself and the world with healing energy everytime you are grateful!!

Sometimes we can control things.

Sometimes we can’t.

Their dance is called Surrender.

Their song is Trust.

Trust that things always move toward betterment, balance and completion, toward wholeness.

Through history, as humanity we have overcame and transcended every single event, no matter how critical and tragic it had been.

We always rise again, and again, and again.

I invite you to Trust the flow of Life, the inherent perfection of Nature and your own Soul.

Trust that you carry within the wisdom and resourcefulness from generations, from lifetimes of joys and sorrows, challenges and victories, Love and Oneness.

Trust the Infinite Love and Creative Power you already Are. They will guide your next actions and choices.

thank you for reading this little love letter…Writing this is very therapeutic to me as well, and helps me cleanse my own energy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to drop me a comment below!!

Wishing you peaceful and fulfilled days.

From my heart to yours,



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